We’re catalysts, advocates and collaborators,

Who work with generous amounts of hopeful, positive action and networking,

A dash of social experiment,

And healthy doses of fun.

Transition OKC is part of the international Transition movement and was founded in 2009 by a small group of community volunteers concerned about the challenges facing humanity such as economic and energy volatility, and climate change. We are a program of Green Connections, our partner and sponsor.

Since its founding, Transition OKC has catalyzed resilience, sustainability and health in Oklahoma City by organizing or working collaboratively at the grassroots level with a wide range of organizations, businesses and people. We’ve hosted, sponsored or collaborated on more than 100 workshops, events and presentations, including:

Film screenings

Community potlucks

Fruit tree plantings

Local food networking events

Local food chef’s challenge

Oklahoma’s first full-length Permaculture Design Course

Moving Planet, an event advocating for better health and sustainability for the state of Oklahoma

Permablitzes and gardening workshops

Created the Transition OKC Community Catalyst award, presented to outgoing Oklahoma City Planning Director Russell Claus in 2013, and Elia Woods, co-founder of Commonwealth Urban Farms in 2015

Founding member of the OKC Urban Ag Coalition, dedicated to helping urban farms and gardens thrive in Oklahoma City

You’ll find our vision and mission, more about what we do, and how we do it here

About our sponsor | Green Connections is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to ecological education. Its mission is to connect people with nature, to engage them more deeply in  the web of life, and to educate and model how to live sustainably and heal the natural world.