Current Studio opens Utopia on November 6

The Transition movement utilizes a range of tools to help people think about and envision the future. Art and culture are some of the tools we use, and can be powerful ways of engaging with people and inspiring deeper thinking about the society we have now, the society we want, and the choices we make to get there.

For the above reasons and more, we were excited to read about about Current Studio’s upcoming show, “Utopia,” which sounds meaningful, a means for artists to envision the future and we can imagine some may choose to delve into issues defining current times — such as climate change, rapidly evolving technology, social justice and inequity, and more. The group show opens Sunday, Nov. 6, and will feature work in a variety of media. The show’s curators are Kelsey Karper and romy owens, founders of Current Studio.

Here’s Current’s full description of the show:

“The concept of utopia, a society free of poverty and suffering, has been around for centuries. However, the concept of utopia can shift and change based upon the person imagining such a place. What is your version of utopia? Can such a place exist? Can we have utopia without dystopia?”

The opening reception on Sun., Nov. 6, at 6 p.m. also features Sunday Soup, an ongoing Current program. The idea behind Sunday Soup is deliciously simple – for a suggested donation of $10 (or more) – you get a meal that includes soup, bread, and coffee or tea, a community meal, and the satisfaction that comes from supporting a good cause (donations support upcoming projects at Current Studio which is a locally owned and operated gallery).

We look forward to seeing artists’ interpretations of “Utopia,” and hope you’ll check it out for the thought provoking content it will no doubt possess.