Growing community with trees

Because planting fruit trees grows community resilience for many years to come, Transition OKC initiated a program to plant fruit tree seedlings in Oklahoma City at selected sites. In February 2015, we kicked off the first tree planting at SixTwelve in memory of Don Rose, a dedicated TOKC volunteer, and plans are in the works for a second tree planting sometime in 2016 at a site to be determined.

Fruit trees build community resilience by providing an array of benefits:

  • Are a source for healthy, delicious, locally grown food, and help grow food security
  • Grow well in urban and suburban settings
  • Are perennial and with a small amount of maintenance, will last for many years
  • Fruit is a gift you can give to others, exchange or barter, or sell
  • Help protect the soil and environment, help provide cleaner air
  • Give nectar to bees, provide shade and habitat for a variety of creatures
  • Connect people to the food growing process